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Comments (5)

Terrible. Regret buying it.

Like a bad flash game based on a tutorial.

at least it's a thousand times better than the crap you produce hahaha!
(edit: oh wait, I do like your friday game, dammit :) )

btw, this is not a flash game but a native iOS app and I put a lot of effort in this. It's okay to give a 1-star rating if you really don't like it.

quote: "ship fires really slow" -- this tells me you didn't even try to play this right.
try to boost up the multiplier up to x50. this is where the real fun begins!
What is your score? if its less than half a million, you haven't play the game at all.

I really hate people who rate a game one minute after purchase.
If every game would be rated immediately after first impression, a lot of developers wouldn't be able to make any money.

Please, at least try to understand a game before you rate it. thank you.

sounds pretty gay if you ask me

because you are a pro in terms of gayness?
that sounds logical...

So where's the link to the game?

Also, I'm curious about the game's stats. How long has it been up on the appstore? How much time/money did you spend on it and did it meet/exceed your expectations?

oops ;)

http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pa rallax/id445444981?mt=8

We (canupa.com) released the game yesterday.
It's in development for about a month now.

V1.1 is on the way: mostly bugfixes but also some new features -- and I plan to add more and more content. Like superbosses, enemies, special weapons, background graphics etc.

This Version 1.0 is something like the body shell, development will continue as long as people (and I) are interested in the game. Since release we sold the app about 300 times. Which is not great but our best "release day score" yet.

so yeah. I'm quite happy :)

I recall Parallax being a weird series on TV a good while ago.

never heard of it. imdb says it's australian?

Played it again, no different.

Honestly, the game is just boring.

You fly around and auto shoot the same enemy as the game gradually gets faster... There are SOME power ups, but it doesn't really keep the game interesting.

With one mode of play, 1 enemy type, nothing to keep you playing.

I honestly got too bored to get to anything CLOSE to a 50x multiplier, and judging by the trailer, I'm not missing much. It seems it becomes WAAAAAAAAY too fast, with enemies crowding the screen.


I WAS going to say something like "I'm sure you're games will get better", or "Don't take it personally, I just dislike the game, not you",


If you review several my submissions poorly, and leave reviews like "pubescent loser draws pics of his mom. :P" on my art of a sleazy space hooker, you can insult me but if you insult my mom, FUCK YOU.


Not because you are a bad game maker, but because you're a bad person.

Not once during one of my reviews did I make any of my comments insulting twords you/your family.

32 my ass.

If you are 32 then ACT IT.

I was very angry about your shallow review!
But you're absolutely right: I'm sorry that I compared your masterpiece of art (cough*cough*) to your mom. that was unfair, a bad move and I take it back. I don't know your mom and I'm sure she's a nice person. I will never mention your mom or any other family members again. promised.

"I WAS going to say something like..." -- but you didn't, honey!
I usually laugh at low ratings, but your review is just hating.
I see you and your pal making nice pixel games and animations. I really enjoy the pixel art. But MOST of your games lack in playability. You tell me something about repetitive gameplay? Look who's talking.

that and the fact that you are RACIST made me comment your work!
Will I stop reviewing your stuff? no chance! If I see something racist, I will call it racist.

I work on that shmup every day. You got version 1.0 --
V1.1 is in review, v1.2 is in the pipeline.
A lot of stuff is on the list.
And maybe you will like the game some day.

maybe not.

who cares.